Where to Get Designer Clothes at Half the Price in (and near) Milano

With all the #milanfashionweek fashionistas around town recently, you might feel inspired to update your wardrobe. But there’s only one problem: you’re on a student budget! Have no fear, we’ve got the solution for you. While you may not be able to get the absolute latest styles with your depleted funds, that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on quality.

In addition to the many online options, there are quite a few brick and mortar spots in and around Milano for some good old-fashioned retail therapy: sometimes you just need that in-person browsing, where you can feel the fabric and try on each garment before buying.

A few discount outlet shops are located in the city, but the big outlet malls are all out of town. So, without further ado, here are 4 smaller stores in Milan and 5 outlet shopping centers a few kms away, along with 1 bonus outlet shop.

People walking through galleryOutlets in Milano

10 Corso Como Outlet: The sister store to the world-famous 10 Corso Como, this outlet version has a great selection of past collections at discounted prices. Each week features specific designers, so you’re always sure to find something new!
Address: Via Tazzoli 3 Milano
Getting There: M2 Porta Garibaldi stop
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-7pm

Il Salvagente: This is one of the city’s best known and oldest outlets. Enjoy browsing the three floors of designer clothing, focusing on Made in Italy styles.
Address: Via F.lli Bronzetti 16 Milano
Getting There: Take the “Passante” (underground train) to the Dateo stop
Opening Hours: Mon 3-7:30pm; Tues-Sat 10am-7:30pm; Sun 11am-7pm

Dmagazine Outlet: This outlet offers 3 super-central locations but not super-big discounts.
Addresses: Via Manzoni 44; Via Bigli 4; Via Forcella 13
Getting There: M3 Montenapoleone; M1 San Babila; M2 Porta Genova
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-7:30pm; Mon-Sun 10am-7:30pm; Mon-Sat 10:30am-7pm

Diffusione Tessile: A nationwide chain, this factory outlet also has an online store. When browsing, you won’t know which designer created the clothing, but quality is always high. There are two locations near Milano, but the store below is easier to reach by public transport.
Address: Via Benedetto Croce 1/A Cesano Boscone
Getting There: Take the S9 “Passante” (underground train) from Romolo or Porta Romana to the Cesano Boscone stop
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-8pm

Outlet Malls Near Milano

Serravalle Designer Outlet: Opened in September 2000, this mall says it’s one of the largest factory outlet spaces in Europe with over 180 stores with prices reduced from 30%-70% all year around.
Address: Via della Moda 1, I – 15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL)
Getting There: A shuttle leaves daily from Largo Cairoli; roundtrip tickets cost €20 and a coupon for shopping is included
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-8pm

FoxTown Factory Stores: Actually located in Switzerland (very close to the border), but only 50kms away from Milano, with over 170 stores to browse through.
Address: Via A. Maspoli 18, CH-6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland
Getting There: A shuttle leaves daily from Largo Cairoli; roundtrip tickets cost €20 and a coupon for shopping is included
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-7pm

Fidenza Village Outlet Shopping: This shopping center is located near the beautiful city of Parma and has over 90 stores with a lot of discounted items.
Address: Via San Michele Campagna – Località Chiusa Ferranda 43036 Fidenza (Parma)
Getting There: A shuttle leaves daily from Largo Cairoli; roundtrip tickets cost €20 and a coupon for shopping is included
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-8pm

Vicolungo Style Outlet: Has over 150 stores with discounts from 30%-70%.
Address: Piazza S. Caterina ang. Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 28060 Vicolungo
Getting There: A shuttle leaves daily from Largo Cairoli; roundtrip tickets cost €20 and a coupon for shopping is included
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-8pm

Franciacorta Outlet Village: 70 minutes from Milan, Franciacorta Outlet Village is located in a beautiful land famous for its sparkling white wine. 160 stores offering the trendiest brands in clothing and accessories, with up to 70% off traditional store prices.
Address: Piazza Cascina Moie 1/2, Rodengo Saiano BS
Getting There: A shuttle leaves daily from Largo Cairoli and Central Station; roundtrip tickets cost €20 and a coupon for shopping is included
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10am-8pm

Bonus: Armani Outlet near Como

Armani Outlet: If you love everything Armani but can’t handle the resulting strain on your wallet, you might consider a visit to the official outlet. You’ll probably have a much larger selection here than any outlet mall or shop and it’s not too far from Milano.
Address: Via Provinciale per Bregnano 12, Vertemate con Minoprio
Getting There: Take the train from the Milano Nord Cadona station to Fino Mornasco (40 minutes), then a 15-minute taxi to the outlet
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm

Celebrating Halloween in Milano?

Historically, Italy has been a prevalently Catholic country. So it should come as no surprise that all the big Vatican holidays on the calendar are also national holidays in the bel paese, giving students and workers a break from their everyday routine. On some campuses, these holidays also coincide with exams, and at Bocconi partial exams are scheduled around the time of All Saints’ Day, November 1.

Black gloves with painted bones

In recent years, the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Halloween has crept into popular culture around Milano, especially among the younger generations. Kids might dress up as witches and vampires, enjoying another opportunity to wear a fun costume. Same goes for the twenty-something crowd, because there are lots of parties at clubs around town where you can dress up and dance the night away. Just do an internet search for Halloween parties in Milano and you’ll be spoiled for choice.

But before heading out to that special party on the 31st, you’ll need a costume! It’s too late to take advantage of the many online resources available (shipping takes at least a few days). And if you’re not into DIY, or you left your handy sewing machine back home, your only option are those old-fashioned brick-and-mortar shops. Luckily for you, Milano has several options:

  • Most of the larger supermarkets have a small selection of the usual costume supplies like hats, make-up kits and some low-quality outfits. Some might be more geared towards the kids, but it’s usually worth a browse while picking up some groceries.
  • There are lots of variety stores or discount stores scattered around the city that often carry holiday supplies. Cartolerie (office and school supply stores) also might have children-oriented goods.
Window with Halloween decorationsIf you want the more variety and maybe higher quality, there are also quite a few stores specializing in costumes in various parts of Milano. Here are just a few:
  • Mondo in Festa, Via Col di Lana 7. This is the closest holiday supply store to the Bocconi campus. It’s fairly small but should have a few options, including face paints, costumes and other supplies if you’re hosting a Halloween party.
  • Carneval Planet, Piazzale Cantore 5. Very close to the Darsena and the Navigli, this is a larger shop with a wide variety of costumes. It’s also pretty close to campus.
  • La Bottega del Carnevale, Via Mercato 5. This store has been specializing in costumes for decades. It’s huge and located near the Lanza station, near Brera. Worth a visit any time of year!
  • Party World, Via Alessandro Volta 16. Near the Moscova subway stop, this place has a good supply of costumes and supplies.
  • Publimagic, Via Paolo Lomazzo 25. You can rent costumes here if you’d rather not buy your costume. Just make sure you’re not too late to get the one you want! Located near Corso Sempione.
  • Party Magic, Via San Gregorio, 6. Located near the Lima subway stop (red line), here’s another option for your fancy dress needs.

The above links are generally in Italian, so for more info, either get an Italian-speaking friend to help you out or go directly to the store to see for yourself. And of course, be safe, dress to the nines, have fun and…

Happy Halloween!