#FoodSavingBEC Initiative for Undergraduate Students

Calling all undergraduate students! Are you interested in spending 1 week in Milan with 199 other students from around the world, to come up with innovative and creative ideas on how to decrease food waste?

With Expo Milan 2015 starting in a few months (the international fair will begin on 1 May of next year), the city is gearing up with a bunch of related events and initiatives, including the Short Food Movie competition, which was discussed in a previous post.

Another competition is #FoodSavingBEC, open to students enrolled in any undergraduate program at any university around the world.

Students participating in the week-long event will attend lectures with Bocconi faculty members and experts from partners of the initiative. They will also be divided into teams to find creative and innovative solutions to the problem of food waste and then vote for the top five ideas. The top teams will compete on the final day of the competition at the EXPO 2015 Italy Pavilion in front of a qualified panel of judges.

To apply for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, all you need to do is fill out the online application, upload a few documents like your transcripts, and submit a video introducing yourself and explaining why you should be a part of the competition, in English.

The 10 students with the most votes online will automatically be chosen to participate, while the other 190 students will be evaluated based on their entire application. And the top 5 students with the most votes who are from outside Italy will be offered round-trip airfare to Milan! All participants will be given lunch vouchers during the week-long program and students attending universities outside Milan will be hosted at a local residence hall.

What an opportunity! What are you waiting for? Go to the #FoodSavingBEC website to get more information and to apply. And for a quick intro on what it’s all about, watch the video below:

Top 20 Reasons to Study Abroad in Italy

One of the most frequently-asked question you’re asked before you leave for your study abroad program is, “So, why did you choose that particular country to study abroad?” Your response is usually, “Well, that university had just the right program for my academic interests, it was the perfect fit! And I’ll be able to study exactly what I’m interested in and get the experience I need for my future studies and career.”

But we all know the truth: your decision to study in Italy was probably based in part on reasons other than your education! You’re aware that you won’t be spending the whole time in the classroom. And there are lots of aspects to living in a foreign country that you thought about before deciding which place was right for you.

These are the top 20 reasons to study abroad in Italy, the allure of the bel paese:


1. Italy is famous for la dolce vita: that means making the most of the little things in life, not sweating the “small stuff” and just enjoying yourself!

2. You love the sound of the melodic Italian language. Living and studying in Italy means you’ll be hearing the dulcet tones of the language every day.

3. You’ve always been curious why Italian people are always using their hands when they talk and you want to find out what all those different hand gestures mean.

Festive Ape Piaggio 4. And you don’t really know the rules of cheek kissing: is it one kiss or two? Or three? When you meet someone, when saying good-bye? Part of your informal education in Italy will include the art of the friendly kiss!

5. The cool confidence of the country’s soccer players was palpable at this year’s World Cup (even if the Azzurri team didn’t get very far in the championship!). And if you’re a fan of the game, the culture surrounding calcio in Italy is pretty serious. There are so many the great teams in the Serie A league to cheer for: Milan, Inter, Roma, Lazio, Juventus, Fiorentina…

6. Small city cars and scooters are all over Italy! Vespas, Ape Piaggios, Fiat 500s, Minis, Smarts… And the vintage models are the best! Why not take a drive when you’re studying abroad?

7. Not to mention all the super-sleek and fast sports cars. Italy is home to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Abarth and Ducati motorcycles.

8. You might have gotten a taste of Italy from classic neorealist cinema: think a young Sophia Loren in black and white. You need to find out if that version of the country still exists somewhere.

9. And you know that Italy is famous for amazing fashion and design. Even if you don’t go to any fashion shows or the annual Salone del Mobile in Milano, you can still soak in the easy but fabulous style of the Italians around you.

Italian seaside town at nightTravel

10. The weather: most of the country has a nice, mild Mediterranean climate, not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. When it is cold, skiing is usually an option. And when it is hot, the beach is usually only a short trip away!

11. Lots of famous art and culture from the Renaissance was produced right here in Italy. That means the museums all over the country are bursting with masterpieces!

12. Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples, Sicily… There are so many tourist destinations, it’s hard to choose where to start!

13. With 7,600km of coastline, Italy has been ranked the 14th country in the world for length of coastline. And much of that is covered in beautiful beaches, perfect for people watching, getting a great tan and swimming in the Mediterranean. You have to experience it for yourself.

Food and Drink

14. Italy is serious about its pasta. And each of the scores of shapes has a specific traditional sauce to go with it. You need to learn more about all those recipes and especially how they taste!

15. Italy’s famous for so many delicious delicacies: tiramisù, varied pastries, as well as so many kinds of cheese, prosciutto, truffles, olive oil…

16. Lots of Italians take part in the pre-dinner ritual of taking a moment to relax over drinks with friends, usually with a snack or maybe a buffet. When you’re studying abroad, you have to learn more about the Italian tradition of the aperitivo! Try a Negroni, a Bellini, a Spritz, or just a beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink.

Bocconi students tasting wine17. Espresso! And of course caffè macchiato, latte macchiato, caffè lungo, caffè corretto, cappuccino, marocchino, orzo in tazza grande, cioccolata, decaffeinato, however you like it!

18. Because what better way to learn about wine varietals, vintages, aromas and tastes than a Tuscan vineyard? Wine is produced just about everywhere in Italy and each region has its own specialty.

19. Italy invented possibly one of the most perfect foods in the world: pizza! While you’re studying abroad here, you can visit Naples and try the original pizza margherita. Or just enjoy anything your local pizzeria serves up, it’s all wonderful!

20. Italy is also home to the best form of ice cream on the planet. Gelato is served in a variety of traditional and innovative flavors all across the peninsula. During your program you can take your time trying them all!

Milano Design Week 2014: 8-13 April

Porta Nuova lighting and skyscraperIl Salone del Mobile. The International Furniture Fair. Milan Design Week.  Fuorislone. If you’re in Milan around the second week of April, you’ll probably hear some or all of these terms, and you might wonder what it all means. Well, the answer is pretty simple: this week-long event is the largest interior design trade fair in the world and big names in the world of design from all over the world are welcomed in Milan. In addition, there are tons of side-events all over the city open to the general public at the same time. This is usually called Fuorisalone or just Design Week.

Salone sign on the street

The official Salone del Mobile trade fair event has been around since the early ’60s, and every year it seems to grow in scale and importance. The extra events around town have been happening almost as long as the Salone.

So, if you’re interested in design, cool trends or just seeing and meeting interesting, hip people from around the world, you have lots of options about how to participate in Milan’s Design Week 2014.

The map on the Fuorisalone website is very helpful, you can filter by topic or kind of event and you can find a place that’s convenient and/or close to where you are. Or you can download their app so you can have all the info on your mobile device. Of course, if you have friends who are already interested in one of the events, you don’t even need the online information!

To give you a general idea of where Fuorisalone events and showrooms are located, these are the main districts:

  • Via Tortona (over the bridge from Porta Genova) – this is the most famous place to hit up events
  • Brera – another big district
  • Lambrate – relatively new, but the area has a lot of options
  • Corso Como – new Porta Nuova area, simply a cool place to see some of Milan’s latest artchitecture
  • Sarpi Bridge – Milan’s Chinatown hosts a new group of events focused on Asia-inspired design

Some of the events require an invitation, so be aware of that possibility.

If you want to attend the actual trade fair, it’s open to the public on Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 April only. Tickets cost:
€ 44.00 Ticket for Two
€ 49.00 Family ticket (valid for 2 adults + 1 child under 18)

See the official Salone website here and the Fuorisalone site here for more information.

Have a Great Idea and Business Plan? Apply to the Speed MI Up Incubator!

Reddit, Facebook, Google. Before becoming innovative startups and eventually successful companies, these household names were once just ideas being discussed by college classmates. Campuses around the world are breeding grounds for new business ideas, and leading universities around the world are responding to this trend by setting up business and entrepreneur incubators. And now there’s one right here in Milano!

Speed MI Up is a workshop for companies and professionals that provides training, tutoring and business development to new firms and young professionals. Inidivuals and companies meeting the requirements (see below) can submit their business idea to be considered for participation. The only catch is that candidates will have to set up their strategic headquarters in or around Milan. The incubator’s first competition will accept applications through 29 March, for ideas focusing on either communications or company services. After all applications have been evaluated, five firms and ten professionals will be chosen to particpate.

The incubator is promoted jointly by Università Bocconi, the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the Milan City Council. Participant benefits will include business development services, organizational spaces, a wide range of support, access to funding and internationalization resources.

Drawing depicting business developmentPrerequisites include:

  • an innovative and solid business idea
  • localization of the company either in the City of Milan or the Province of Milan
  • firms need to be newly-created and have an international outlook
  • professionals must under 35 years old and have a college degree

So, if you’d like to join other Bocconi students with innovative startup ideas like Lucia, Federico, Leopoldo and Andrea, Tobia, Giovanni, and Paolo, submit an application!

Get more information on the incubator at these links:
Article published on ViaSarfatti25.eu
Speed MI Up website

Miss and Mister International Bocconi 2010

Spring and sunny weather are here and we all feel lot more energetic and happier! MilanoZine wanted to take advantage of such a mood and organized a “Miss and Mister International Bocconi 2010” competition!!! It was advertised on our Facebook page and we were pleased with the over 20 interested applicants! However, after a careful consideration of all of them, we choose our two pretty cool finalists!
We are proud to announce the winners of this competition, Miss Inga Bakuridze and Mister Marin Cojocaru! MilanoZine had a quick chat with them about what is their experience of living in Milan like and what are they favorite things about this city.
Have a look, even though you may be familiar with most of the places they mention you may also discover new and interesting hot spots for international students in Milan!

Inga Bakuridze – Miss International Bocconi 2010 (Graduate student at Bocconi, from Georgia)

“I have been living in Milan for a few years now and been making the greatest lifetime memories of student life. The Italian lifestyle is very easy to get used to but most of all what I like in this city is its ability to offer an international environment full of fun and entertainment.
The evening is the best part of my day since I go out with my friends for an aperitivo or just for a drink. My favorite places are: Slice, Refeel, B4, Yguana, Fashion Café, Shu etc. My favorite restaurants are: Big Pizza (for pizza of course), Seven (for some good, meat steak), Oscar (very tasty and a big amount of pasta) and Papas and Beer (great Mexican food).
We go pretty often to the Naviglio for a drink and my favorite clubs are: ‘Just Cavalli’, ‘Old Fashion’, ‘Bobino’, ‘Le Banque’, ‘Karma’, ‘The Club’. During the winter it’s always nice to go for ice-skating with friends and to the movies but I prefer the spring time, because the city is more alive and you can go in the park, sit outside in the bar or visit the swimming pool when it gets hotter and, most importantly, people seem happier!
On Sundays I meet up with my friends for brunch in Californian Bakery to eat delicious bagels and pancakes after the wild Saturday clubbing night. Oh, and of course as most Bocconi students know, there is no perfect lunch break during the week without stopping for lunch or for a coffee at Taxi Blues around the corner of Bocconi 🙂
I think living in a different country away from your home is not easy, so seeing a lot of international students like me and hanging out with them makes me feel so culturally diverse but at the same time it also makes me feel more at home.

Hope you all are having a great time in Milan, enjoying the best period of your life because this city has a lot to offer and you should definitely take advantage of it!!!”

Marin Cojocaru – Mister International Bocconi 2010 (second year student of Bachelor in International Economics and Management at Bocconi, from Moldova)

“I came to Italy in search of new life experiences and also to get a degree in economics at one of Europe’s top universities. What I like most about Milan is that it is a living city, there are always things to be seen and to be done, the perfect city for student life.

There are some MUST SEE places, if you stay in Milan you have to go there; Duomo di Milano, Castello Sforzesco, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper at the S.ta Maria delle Grazie, Teatro alla Scala and San Siro stadium.

When you get tired of touring around Milan and want to spoil yourself with some delicious Italian food, I suggest you to go to “Wish”, a lounge restaurant located near Parco Sempione. A very friendly and relaxing ambiance, best for spending some quality time with friends while enjoying a good meal. For a special occasion you can go to “Piccolo Sogno”, but I warn you the prices are not consumer friendly.

If you are more in the mood to chat and meet new people, well there is no better place than zona Navigli. You can find there a variety of bars, cocktail bars, pubs etc. After an aperitivo I would suggest you to take your friends and go to “The Club”disco. It’s not too big nor too small, just perfect, full of beautiful people, and the DJ is really good, and every night there is a different “serata”. Also it is known to be the disco were famous people go when they come to Milan. In May all of “The Club” moves to “The Beach”, an open air disco, an amazing experience.

If you are tired of pubs and discos, visit Bowling Corvetto. You will have fun even if don’t know how to bowl because the place is totally awesome, the music and the lights will put you in the right mood.”

Finally, MilanoZine would like to thank our Miss and Mister International Bocconi 2010 once again on their great presentation!