Many students in Milan have some form of part time employment to help support themselves while taking classes. If you are an EU citizen you are eligible to work in Italy without a work permit. You should go to the Ufficio Stranieri (Office for Foreigners) for information regarding employment. This office has information on the rights and duties of foreigners and can be very helpful to anyone trying to find out about the ins and outs of employment in a foreign country.

Students from outside the EU will require a permesso di soggiorno, either a work or study permit which allows them to remain in the country for a designated period. This should be requested within eight days after arrival in the country.

Students with a study permit can work part-time during their stay. This means they can work up to 20 hours per week while studying. Anyone who does not have a student permit will need to obtain a work permit.

Since April 2007, application for permits to stay are done through Italian Post Offices. Most post offices carry sets of documents to fill out, but be sure to check to see if your post office has these available. Milan’s largest post office is the following located at Via Cordusio 4 (near the Duomo), and can be contacted at +39 02.72482126.

Non-EU citizens will need a visa from their home country before being entitled to the permesso. In addition, you will need your passport, two photos, a work or study permit, and the application forms (that you picked up at the Post Office).

For more information concerning this process, check out the official website (in Italian only).

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