Tram in front of La ScalaThe Milan public transportation system is quite efficient. The Azienda Trasporti Milanesi operates within the metropolitan area: most areas of the city can be reached by underground, tram, filobus or bus. There are four underground lines. Tickets are available at any underground station, newspaper stands as well as tobacco shops. Metro entrances are marked with a red square sign with a white “M.” The underground in Milano runs from 6:00am to 12:30am, and even later on Friday and Saturday nights.

Underground system
The underground is made up of four underground lines (red MM1, green MM2, yellow MM3, purple MM5) and an additional blue line called the Passante Ferroviario. A ticket is valid for one underground ride and it only costs €1.50. To view Milan’s underground map you can browse the Milano public transport map. Monthly passes for students under 26 years old are €22. Get more info on how to request your monthly pass here.

ATM operates an extensive bus system. Tickets are valid for up to 75 minutes of travel on buses and trams. Free public transport maps are available from ATM’s Info Point in the Duomo underground station.

Trams run throughout the city. Tram stops, as well as bus stops, are marked by tall orange poles with a diagram of the tram or bus route. There are also digital signs at many stops that give an estimate of when the next tram or bus will pass by.

Taxis are not very easy to flag down off the street as is the custom in some other cities. The best thing to do is go to a taxi stand or to call one. If you live nearby a taxi stand, it is a good idea to get the telephone number. Rainy days and periods when the Fiera Milano has events, taxis are almost impossible to find, so be prepared to wait. When calling a radio taxi, the meter starts running as soon as the driver gets the call. Taxis are not cheap in Milano! To call a taxi try the following numbers: 02.8585 or 02.4040.

Bike Sharing
Memberships cost only €36 for unlimited 30-minute sessions with bikes during service hours. It’s a great way to commute around the city while staying green. Get more information on bike sharing.

Car Sharing
Another form of public transportation, car sharing, is the most recent addition to Milano’s transport system. There are several providers to choose from and remember that, in order to subscribe, you need to have a valid driver’s license! More information is available on car sharing.

For more information visit the ATM website.

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