Two trams in trafficPublic transportation in Milan is managed by Azienda Trasporti Milano (ATM). Public transport runs from approximately 6:00am-12:30am; however there are some night (“notturno”) buses that run later.


  • Tickets are not on sale on vehicles. They can be purchased at underground stations, newspaper stands and “tabacchi” shops.
  • A single ride ticket costs €1.50 and is valid on the entire Milan urban network for 90 minutes from the time of validation; however it is only valid for one ride on the subway.
  • Tickets to reach some suburban subway stations (e.g. Pero and Rho Fiera, the two stops for Milanofiori Assago, the three stops in Cologno, and towards Gessate beyond Cascina Gobba) are more expensive.

Student monthly pass
The student monthly pass is very convenient. The monthly pass is an electronic card which can be recharged every month. It allows students unlimited travel on the whole Milan urban network, the rail link, the urban sections of the state railways, the Trenord railways, and the interurban ATM and consortium lines. For students up to 26 years of age the cost is €22.00 per month for an unlimited
ticket (plus a €10.00 initial fee).

In order to get your travel card, you have to go to one of the ATM Points, tabacchi or newsstands (check on the website) with:

  • 1 passport-size photograph
  • your ID card/passport or “Codice Fiscale
  • completed application form found at ATM Points/main offices.

The card must be recharged monthly at any ATM Point, tabacchi or newsstand, or online. Cards must be accompanied by the monthly receipt.

For more information on the public transport system, go to our section on Public Transport.

Good luck and buon viaggio!

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