Students at One Stop Service CenterCongratulations on being selected as a Bocconi student!

After you have read this sentence, you are first going to be happy and excited. Though soon after you will realize that you are soon going to be one of us, you have to start thinking about how to prepare for your life in Milan – and the first step is a permission to come to Italy, which is a visa.

This is the order in which you should approach the visa process. Please be aware that each Consulate/Embassy may have a different procedure and/or different documents to submit. This is general info and may not be applicable to all students.

You should apply for a multiple-entry Schengen Visa, if possible. More information on Italian visas can be found on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Do do this no later than the month of May-June before the start of your program:

  1. The first thing to do is find your closest Italian Consulate/Embassy and contact them to explain your issue
  2. Get the Official Validation of your High School Diploma called “Dichiarazione di Valore del diploma di maturità/laurea/dottorato” issued by the Italian Embassy in the country where you live
  3. Ask for a letter of acceptance from your University in Italy, indicating the place and duration of the course, and dates of attendance
  4. Send a letter addressed to the Italian Consulate in charge, stating that you have private means of support. If you are a recipient of financial aid, submit a statement which shows the exact payments
  5. You need a letter from your bank indicating your account number, financial status, and balance. The letter must be signed by a bank official
  6. One passport size photograph
  7. One application form fully completed and signed at the Consulate;
  8. Your passport must be valid for three months longer than your planned stay in Italy
  9. Flight reservations (round trip)

Now, that I have listed you all the documents you should collect, I will explain few of them in detail.

  1. Contact the Consulate/Embassy

This is going to be your first most important step because for different countries the visa requirements can vary. Therefore you should check the list with the official in charge in the Consulate or Embassy. NOTE: there are sometimes deadlines for the application for students visas, or other dates you that you have to respect, therefore contact the Italian Embassy and your country Embassy as soon as possible.

  1. The Validation of your High School Diploma

This is a document stating that your High School Diploma is officially recognized by the Italian Consulate and hence valid in Italy. This gives you permission to study at an Italian University. So, you should contact the consulate and ask when the validation can take place. You will get your high school diploma from the administration at your school and send it to be verified.

  1. Acceptance Letter

You will require a letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office at Bocconi, which is your proof, that you are admitted to an Italian University. This is essential for your Student Visa application, as it states that you will study in Italy.

  1. + 5. Letter stating means of support and a bank account statement

This step goes together with the next one, namely the statement from your bank account. These documents prove that you are being financially supported (or if you are financially independent – able to pay for your life in Italy). DON’T FORGET that the letter from the bank has to be signed by a bank official!

These are the documents that you should collect, before you go to the Consulate where you fill in the application form (7.) and bring all the other details stated above (6., 8., 9.)

After this process, you should be granted a student visa (usually for one year). When you arrive in Milan, you have one other obligation to fulfill before you are done with your permission to study in Italy – this is called permesso di soggiorno which is a Permit of Stay for Italy. Find out more about the application process for your permesso di soggiorno here.

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