What’s the best way to reach Milano? Check below and choose which ever way is most suitable for your needs!

Milano is the Italian city with the best national and international connections, thanks to its airport, railway and road network, the most efficient in Italy.

By car: Milano has the biggest Italian highway system. Milano’s ring road is the end point of highway A4 coming from Turin, the A4 from Venice and Verona; A1 connecting Milano and Bologna, Florence and Rome; the A7 coming from Genoa and Liguria; and the A8/A9 that go to Switzerland as well as Lake Como and Lake Maggiore. The ring road is divided in Tangenziale Est and Tangenziale Ovest.

Corner of train stationBy train: Milano has the main railway system in Northern Italy, located right at the center of important national and international lines. The main station is Milano Centrale, which is very close to the city center. From here, trains leave connecting the city to all parts of the peninsula and to all major international connections. The station of Milano Cadorna connects via the Malpensa Express, the city center to the International Airport of Malpensa, with trains departing every half-hour and with a travelling time of 40 minutes. Also from Cadorna station, FNM regional trains connect Milano to the following cities like Saronno, Varese and Como. For times, please consult the Trenitalia website or call the toll-free number 89 20 21.

By plane: There are three main airports in the Milano area. Malpensa International Airport (MXP) is the top Italian airport in terms of international traffic; it is also the leading freight air gateway to Italy. Linate (LIN) airport serves domestic flights as well as some European destinations. Malpensa airport is connected to Milano by the Malpensa Express train and by the Malpensa Shuttle. From Linate there is a direct bus service to the city center. Linate and Malpensa are connected to each other by a shuttle service provided by Air Pullman. Orio al Serio (BGY) international airport, situated 45 km away from Milano, serves low-cost and charter traffic with many destinations all over Europe. Coach services provided by “Autostradale” and “Locatelli Air Pullman” run from the airport to Milano Central Station every day throughout the day.

Getting from these airports to Bocconi:
Malpensa: to go to Malpensa by taxi will cost you €90 (same price to go from Malpensa to the center of Milan). Nevertheless, there are quite convenient bus shuttles going from Malpensa to Centrale (inside Milan) and same from Centrale to Malpensa but there is also an express shuttle train going from Cadorna (closer to the center of Milan) to Malpensa and opposite direction. There are different companies organizing shuttles and they more all less all cost €10-15. Shuttle Trains currently cost 11€ and get you to your destination in 40 minutes.
Linate: It is 25 minutes away from Bocconi by taxi or 45 minutes by public transport. The taxi should cost about €25 (it should not be more than €30). If you want to use public transport, it costs €1.50 if you do not have a membership with the ATM company. From Linate to Bocconi, you take bus 73 (direction: San Babila) to Piazza 5 Giornate. At Piazza 5 Giornate take tram 9 all the way to Piazza Ludovica. Simply reverse these steps to go from Linate to Bocconi.

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