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The two options available to any arriving International Bocconi student are the accommodation provided by Bocconi and private accommodation. In both cases, I would highly recommend you to visit either option before you start, as you will be staying there for some time.

Bocconi itself has several dorms: Spadolini, Bocconi, Arcobaleno, Dubini, Javotte and Isonzo. For incoming non-Italian students who are not able to visit Milan beforehand, this is the safest option for securing a place to stay during your first year in Milan. The dorms are cleaned once a week and are generally of acceptable standards.  In any case, you can find out more information on the Bocconi website, where you can also take a virtual tour of the Bocconi Residence Halls at: However, I highly recommend you to visit the housing, if possible, before committing to them.

In order to reserve a place in a Bocconi Dorm you will be required to pay a deposit. If you are not assigned a place in a Bocconi dorm, your deposit will be refunded upon arrival. If you are currently staying in a University Residence Hall (or you are on the Bocconi Housing waiting list and then assigned a room) your deposit will not be returned until the end of the semester (it is held in case of damages). If you decide to leave the dorm before the end of the year, because you are for example moving to private accommodation, you will lose your deposit (the deposit is around €500).

In terms of private accommodation, Milan is not the most straightforward place. It is hard to find English-speaking real estate agents. As a foreign-student, you have to very careful, as not all agents are as honest as they should be. In addition, engaging an agency can be costly. Transparency is also sometimes an issue. Again, you would have to be in Milan to arrange it.

The easiest, and probably safest, way to find a flat to rent or buy in Milano is to use the service provided by real estate agencies specialized in looking for property for foreigners. Agencies work either on a percentage basis, thus asking for around 15% of the total rent fee once the contract has been finalized, or on a fixed-fee basis, where you pay an amount (e.g. €150) to be put into contact with the owner of the property you wish to rent. Most of the classified ads in free ad publications such as Secondamano are of this kind. This means you could find yourself talking to a Centro Servizi which will ask you for money before going any further, so in this case beware! They will often want their commission in cash. But we highly recommend you to do it officially using a bank transfer (for security reasons) and negotiate their bid down.

Group of students studying in residence hallTo help with the hunt for private accommodation with is a student exchange website. This unique website allows you to search for apartments, rooms or even beds. It is geared toward university students, which makes it very practical and ensures the apartment is tailored to the needs of students.

Rents are quite high in the city. Our advice is to share – which can be fun! If you are looking for cheap accommodation, you can try the noticeboards at the various student institutions of the city, where you will often find people who want to share, or let a room.

Should you decide to go and look for a place yourself, we have listed some starting websites to begin your search:

Other links

In any case, we wish you well in finding your place. Accommodation is of vital importance and hence worth taking some time for to get right.

3 thoughts on “Long Term Accommodation

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for an appartment in milan for my daughter. She is a university student and she will be attending classes in the center of milano.
    I am looking for 55m2 to 65 m2.
    Starting September 1st.
    Rental period 1 to 2 years.
    Please advise.

    Thank you


    1. Hello Nabil, If you are still looking for accomodation for your daughter, my team at Property International will be glad to help you. Give us a call at +39 02 4980 092 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We specialize in helping non-Italians find quality apartments in Milan and we speak English and French in addition to Italian. Best, Deidre Doyle


  2. Hello. I’m Erasmus student at University of Milan , in city center. Classes will start in February 15th. Maybe you can advise me single room apartment about 2km -from university. I can live with family or maybe with other students (max-.with 2girls). Able to pay not up to 330 euros per month including bill. Looking forward for your answer, thanks a lot .


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