Looking for somewhere to call home while you’re studying in Milano? There’s an excellent resource created by the City of Milan and the various universities which puts students in touch with each other and landlords looking to rent rooms and apartments. You can search what’s available based on location, price and whether you want a private or shared room.

Click the screenshot below to use the housing exchange!

AgenziaUni screenshot and link

There are also lots of great tips and more info in our Accommodation section, check it out!

4 thoughts on “Housing

  1. Hi there,

    My daughter is considering applying for a Masters degree at the University of Milan hence we are currently looking at accommodation options. Given she is an international student from Australia and not familiar with the geography of the city, could you please confirm which area would be best to secure long term accommodation (2 years) in terms of proximity to the university and cultural/social life.

    Many thanks,
    Maria (Melbourne, Australia)


    1. Hi Maria,
      First of all, we would like to welcome your daughter to Milano! The city is fairly easy to navigate with public transportation, especially the subway system. Keep in mind that her campus might vary depending on what she’s going to study: some departments of the University of Milan are in the Città Studi area of the city, others are closer to the city center and still others may be near the city limits. Housing in the city center is generally much too expensive for a student budget, so your best bet would be to either look in the Città Studi area which has lots of student housing, if that’s where she’ll be studying, or find a location near a subway line for an easy commute. The Navigli and Via Savona areas are great for nightlife and cultural opportunities.
      Best of luck!
      MilanoZine Team


  2. Hello,

    I am Alexander and I am looking to move to italy do my masters in the Milan politechnics, the thing is that as a student I still depend a lot on my parents to pay rent and generaly to live, so when I try to find an apartment I find some ridiculus prices (mostly above 1000 euros for a studio). So what I am saying is that I would like some help on that area, cause my italian skills are non-existent and I have probably been looking in the wrong place all this time.

    Thanks in Advance.


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