Water Sports in and Around Milan

All kinds of water sports are enjoying growing popularity. Whether one thinks of wakeboarding, kite surfing, sailing or rowing the Milano area is blessed with some of the best spots within Europe. During the months of April till October right in Milano or within a couple of kilometers, the Milanese countryside treats its inhabitants to plenty of opportunities to enjoy the day in or on the water.


Near the Linate airport, one has the great chance of trying cable boarding on an artificial lake (Cablemilano). Fair prices and a very chilled atmosphere are making this place a perfect spot to spend the day. The track is larded with obstacles of different difficulty levels on which pros or advanced riders can try their new tricks. Having an attempt on a wakeboard/water-ski or simply enjoying sunbathing at the seaside, it’s up to you how to relax. By the way the same lake supplies rowing possibilities. Not the worst way to keep up your fitness level.


Lago di Garda offers probably the best wind conditions but the nearby lakes like Lago Maggiore and Lago di Como can be considered as great sailing spots as well. Kite surfing in particular is popular at the north side of Lago di Garda at Riva. Packed with kite schools and full with enthusiastic kite surfers, one sometimes has to look closely to find the own kite. In addition many tourist rejoice themselves in windsurfing at Riva.

A Spectacular Evening for Milano’s Biggest Soccer Fans

Kicking off the new season, Milano’s soccer stadium is once again hosting a late-night out for sports fans, La Notte Bianca a San Siro. The 2 September event is held annually (the first notte bianca was held last year) and attracts supporters of both of Milano’s soccer teams, AC Milan and Inter. This year there will be events at both the stadium and the nearby hippodrome, the Ippodromo del Trotto e del Galoppo. For anyone who hasn’t visited this area – horses have a relatively small fan base, especially when compared to soccer’s huge popularity – it’s definitely worth a visit if only to see a replica of Leonardo’s horse. The story goes that Leonardo worked for years to make a larger-than-life statue only to have the completed work in clay destroyed in the 15th century. The reproduction in Milano was created based on Leonardo’s notes about his own statue that was lost. The 8-meter high bronze replica was created in 1999.

So what’s this event all about? Visitors will get access to a few great parts of the soccer stadium, like the San Siro Museum, loaded with Milan and Inter memorabilia, as well as some cool “backstage” areas of the stadium like the dressing rooms, VIP rooms and the top of the iconic towers to get a great view of the nighttime cityscape.

There will also be vendors set up, football tournaments and a treasure hunt (kids only though!), and Italian street and graffiti artists will be on hand embellishing the area with their designs, including a “Stadio Street Players” exhibition focusing on Milano’s two soccer teams.

Another cool part of last year’s event were the fireworks launched after nightfall, which will probably be repeated this year. And for the real night-owls attending, a disco party has been organized in the hippodrome for dancing till dawn.

The stadium and hippodrome will be open from 6pm to 3am this Friday, 2 September and tickets will be on sale 7-11pm directly at stadium entrance number 8. Ticket prices have been announced for this year yet, but they’ll probably be somewhere around €12, similar to last year’s tickets.