6 Weeks Left to Visit Expo Milan 2015

White pavilion against blue skyIf you’re new to Milano, you might have noticed that this year is a big one for the city. Thanks to Expo Milan 2015, the city is humming with tourists and lots of great new stuff is popping up all around town. The World Fair itself has been welcoming record numbers of visitors in September and August. So what are you waiting for? You can browse some general Expo info and keywords on our website. And here are some more tips for planning your September or October visit.

Ticket Discounts
If you qualify for a student ticket and are planning more than one daytime visit to the Expo, you might want to get a season pass. It’s only €58 for students (€75 for all other visitors) and it can be purchased at the Expo site itself or an authorized reseller (remember that you can’t buy student tickets online because your ID needs to be checked for eligibility). Here’s the official price list.
Another option: if you’re thinking about using Milan’s BikeMi bike sharing, you could take advantage of their Expo discounts. With just a few euros more than the regular price for an annual subscription, you get one Expo ticket with your year pass (for a total of about €40). There are also discounts for week or day BikeMi passes with an Expo ticket. Complete info is on the BikeMi website.

Tree of Life with white lights and waterEvening Visits
For shorter, evening-only trips to the Expo, remember that the admission price is only €5. What’s new is that this price is now valid starting at 6pm instead of 7pm, so you’ll have an extra hour to enjoy the event at the super cheap price. And with the area open until midnight on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s an even better deal! If you go, don’t miss the Tree of Life light shows at 10pm and 10:30pm every evening (and 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays).

Expo Passport
Last, but not least, there’s a cool way to record your experience and bring home a unique souvenir: the Expo passport! You can fill up your Expo passport with stamps from all the participating countries, getting some cultural vibes from countries you might never fill your real passport with. You can find stands selling passports after entering the Expo site, and they’re just €5.

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