Free Wi-Fi All Over Milano

Student in park reading tabletIn today’s world, internet access a basic need, on par with clean drinking water, food, heating and a place to sleep.

And a lack of internet access can make the first few days after moving to a new city even more stressful: you’re in a new place, with a new language, new people, a new culture. And you have most of your basic needs met, but you might still be working out one of them: internet access!

If you’re a new transplant to Milano without a decent internet plan, you might be feeling a desperate need to update your various social media accounts to tell everybody about your new city. Have no fear! You can take advantage of a free wi-fi service offered by the city of Milano to all residents and visitors.

Available only in certain locations around town, registered users can use up to 300MB of data every day, plus one hour. After that, the internet speed slows down, but wi-fi is still available. Read on to get all the info!

Registration and Login
Registering is super-easy if you already have an Italian SIM card, but even if you don’t, it’s not very hard to do. For Italian SIM owners, just connect to the openwifimilano network on your mobile device’s wi-fi, open your browser and type in your Italian phone number. You’ll receive an SMS with your password and can then login.
If you don’t have an Italian phone number, you’ll have to register at an ATM Point at one of the various locations around the city (there’s one in the Duomo subway station for example). You will be given your password when you register.
Whether you register on your phone or at an ATM Point, you simply need to login with your password and you will be able to access the wi-fi from any of the many access points around the city.

Access Points
There are tons of access points located around the city, often in parks and areas perfect for sitting on a bench and browsing the web. Just look for the sign, or check out the maps on the Open WIFI website.

Happy browsing!

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