Calling All Startups!

Groups of students working  looking at computer

Innovation. Scalability. Fast growth. These are all important when describing that special kind of new business, the startup. With tech use and skills now more widespread than ever, these kinds of companies seem to be everywhere. But there’s a lot more behind startups than just having an interesting and innovative idea. Business and management know-how is essential, not to mention funds and capital.

If all this seems overwhelming, don’t worry because a solution is at hand: Bocconi Startup Day!

This one-day event features a workshop on startups, entrepreneurship and innovation, to be held on 24 November. Anyone can participate in the workshop, but teams and businesses need to apply to be a part of two side activities: a Marketplace and a Startup Day Award.

The Marketplace is only open to any startup team that’s looking to develop their business idea or is already in the planning or launch stage and that includes a Bocconi student or alum. Eligible teams can apply to participate and, if selected, will have the chance to meet with venture capitalists, angel investors and private equity practitioners and present their ideas. They will also receive training taught by Bocconi faculty, venture capital practitioners, entrepreneurs and managers. What a great experience!

The Startup Day Award is open to already-established business in Italy that were founded in or after 2010. So if you have a business that is innovative, scalable, competitive and potentially an excellent employer, check out the rules and regulations for all the details.

Participation in the workshop is free, but registration is required. The event is still a few months away, so you have time to prepare. Just keep in mind that the deadline for registering is 7 September.

For all the latest info on Bocconi Startup Day, just check out their website.

Happy startupping!

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