Internet Fashion Inspiration from Milano

One of the world’s most important cities for the fashion industry, Milano is especially known for its top-down spread of trends and style. What you see on the designer runways usually eventually translates into what you can find on the store racks and what is worn on the streets in the city and then in other parts of the country and other parts of the world. But with the Internet changing so many aspects of life and culture these days, there’s a bottom-up process going on too, letting anyone with a camera and some IT skills influence the fashion world. With fashion photo blogs, people on the street are influencing the broader public as well as the fashion industry itself.

To find out more, browse our list of street fashion bloggers working in and around Milano. You might get some ideas for your next clothing purchase, tomorrow’s outfit, or maybe even be inspired to add your own voice to the blogosphere!

  • The Sartorialist – known as the original fashion blogger, he specializes in street photography, often following events in the main fashion cities, including Milano;
  • Blue is in Fashion this Year – this blog has a mix of style trending, with lots of photo collages of other fashion blog sites;
  • The Fashion Fruit – the creator is a young lady interested in fashion. She models for most posts, often posing in one of Milano’s parks;
  • Corriere della Moda – this site features another young lady in Milano commenting on fashion and modeling her own outfits;
  • Street Peeper – this NYC-based street photographer posts occasional photos from Milano too;
  • The Blonde Salad – Chiara, a well-known Milano fashion blogger, she’s a former Bocconi student who has a super-large following.

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