All About the Expo

What do Paris’s Eiffel Tower, Brussels’s Atomium and Seattle’s Space Needle all have in common? They were all built for a world’s fair hosted by the city and are now major tourist attractions, decades after their original construction.

World’s fairs generally focus on the innovation and technology of a specific and they aim to bring together experts from around the world. The very first expo dates back to 1851 and was held in London, while the most recent were held in Yeosu, South Korea in 2012, focusing on smart cities, and in Shanghai in 2010, with the theme of the oceans and coasts.

Tram on Milan street with Expo signMilan Expo 2015
If you’ve been in the city of Milan recently or even just tried to read up on the city for a future visit, you’ve probably heard something about Expo 2015. What is this event and what does it mean for residents, students and visitors?

The Expo event that will be in town next year is a continuation of this tradition that has been around for over 150 years. And, as is fitting for a country with a long and varied culinary history, the Milan edition’s theme is nutrition and food. Stands from all over the world will participate (there are currently 147 official participants).

As we count down the days until the event begins in May of next year, many residents have mixed feelings about the Expo because of all the construction that seems to have invaded every corner of the city! Whether it’s for the subway line that has been opening up slowly over the past few months, projects for skyscrapers in the CityLife area, the park at Porta Nuova or the terrace that’s being built in the Navigli area, it’s hard to get around the city without running into a construction site. The good news is that the works are planned to end by the start of the Expo, so the city should have a shiny new feel to it for all the extra visitors next year.

Public bikes with Expo logoWorking at the Expo
From an economic point of view, the influx of people is a good thing for the local service industries like hotels and restaurants. But it also means there are quite a few openings for people with international skills at the fair itself. There are even two sections for students, one for internships (the Youth Training Program) and one for students or new graduates who already have some professional experience (the Experience Development Program). Applications are now being accepted, but the recruitment and selection process will take place later in the year. It’s a great opportunity, especially for international students who have language skills.

For general info and updates on the Expo 2015, go to their website.

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