Biking in Milan

How to get a bike
One of the most common ways to visit and move around Milan is using a bike! There are different possibilities to get one. You can either buy or rent a bike at different prices, or you can use a really useful facility Milan offers: BikeMi, a group of bikes placed in different parts of the city. You can decide to take one bicycle placed in one of the stations around Milan, use it for free and then place it back either in the same station or in a different area of the metropolis. Here’s the site where you can learn more about it…

How can you reach the right destination?
Here’s a useful site that you can consult wherever and whenever, to find out how to get to the right destination in the quickest way riding a bike; and if you are not sure whether you can even shorten your way by using the underground, don’t hesitate. You can certainly take you bike with you, in respecting just certain rules imposed by the ATM as: having just one bike, not using the escalator, informing the ATM if you are more than 20 cyclists taking the underground…. By clicking here, you can check all the regulations in detail and clear out all your uncertainties.

Green areas possible to visit riding a bike
Milan is greener than it seems. Walking you can see trees, flower beds and gardens, often hidden within the walls of the buildings. To enjoy these green oases, the bicycle is the ideal way. Thanks to the “bike sharing” you can take advantage of this ecological means of transport. Just opposite the entrance from the street of Graben, is a BikeMi station where you can borrow a bike features white and yellow (do not forget to subscribe to the service first!). Once you got your bike, you can enter the park. The path starts at the gardens of Porta Venezia, then you can continue along Via Marina Senate, crossing the center to the Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione.

Safe cycling!

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