Nottingham Forest: A Cocktail Bar in Milano

What can be said about this bar? For one, it probably has the most expensive cocktail in Milano, the €3,500 diamond cocktail – don’t worry, other drinks are around €8-10. And the look of the place can be deceiving. From the outside, it looks like an unusual and unusually-small bar, with a small entrance and unique décor. But when you get to your table and the talented barkeeps hand you the menu, you realize that this is not your average Milano pub.

If it’s your first time at Nottingham Forest, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the big book of cocktails available (followed by a short page of food offerings). But don’t despair, because whether you want to be adventurous and choose an original, possibly smoking drink or play it safe by choosing a negroni or mojito, you probably won’t be disappointed.

The pub also has a light aperitivo during the normal happy hour time. Don’t come for the food, though, but rather the exceptional drinks prepared by trained and experienced mixologists. Influence by molecular cuisine, the bartenders even hold classes for anyone interested in how this kind of cookery has influenced bartending in recent years.

So, if you’re in the mood for a one-of-a-kind cocktail experience in Milano, this is a good option. And it’s just a 15- or 20-minute tram ride from the Bocconi campus, a great location for any UB students.

But remember, because of its small size you might have to wait to get a table, especially if you show up around 8 on a Thursday night – the prime time for a Milanese aperitivo. But trust us when we say, it’s worth the wait!

In the meantime, you can check out the Nottingham Forest Facebook or TripAdvisor pages, but skip the website, which is pretty old-school and not a good representation of the place itself.

Nottingham Forest
Viale Piave 1
Tel. +39 02.798311

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