Finding a Flat in Milano

From an early age many people, particularly males, are taught that men “don’t need anyone” in order to succeed, and that a real man can make it on his own without any help from anybody. Taking this belief as a gospel truth, the youth is taking the plunge to find their new home abroad where they usually come to get a university degree.  However, Milan is not the place where one can find the accommodation easily without having friends living there or spending late nights in front of computer screens while doing a research about all ins and outs of the housing in Milan. Therefore, if you think that you’re smart enough to find the room by yourself, believe me, you’re wrong! That’s because finding the right place in Milan depends on 30% luck, 20% patience and 50% information. So just let me give you some advices that, I hope, will make your hunting for a room less painful!

I step: Where can I find offers?

The websites where you can find apartments and rooms rented by locals or agencies are already provided here.

II step: What should I ask the landlord?

That’s the first thing I found myself thinking about when I called to the owner of the apartment that I found on ‘Bakeca’. If it is the first time you are searching for an accommodation in Milan, the following questions might be helpful to you!

  • Does the cost of the room/apartment include spese condominiali ? (service charges that usually includes heating and water)
  • Does the cost of the room/apartment include heating ( it. Riscaldamento)
  • Does the cost of the room/apartment include other utilities such as gas, electricity, internet, trash? (it. Bolletta della luce, gas, internet)
  • What is a security deposit for a room/apartment? (it. Caparra/ deposito/ cauzione)
  • What is the method of paying for a room/apartment? (sometimes you can come across with a word trimensile while looking through the offers. It means that you have to pay the rent every 3 months.)
  • Is there any possibility to sign the contract? ( If you need to sign a contract, it’s better to ask for a standard one which basically means that you’ll sign the contract for 4 years with a possibility to end it giving 3 months notice)
  • Who is living in the other rooms? ( in case you’re looking for a room)
  • Which intercom button should I press? (it.‘citofono’; in case you’d like to come to see the room/apartment)

After asking all of those questions, you should ask when it would be possible for you to come to see the apartment or just thank the person for his time and keep looking for other offers.

III step: what should I ask during the meeting?

  • Don’t forget to double check the information about the costs, deposit, contract.
  • How much notice you are obliged to give before leaving the room/apartment? ( usually it’s 3 months notice)
  • How much do the flat mates usually pay for gas, electricity, internet?
  • When you will be able to move in?
  • Is the furniture included in the rent? (there are some rooms without furniture so you may buy it by yourself or you could buy it from the person that was living in the room before you)

IV step: First come, first served

If you really liked the room/apartment after seeing it, don’t wait for too long! Say your final answer as soon as possible and ask the owner when you could sign the contract! Remember that it is extremely important to sign the contract as fast as you can since otherwise the room might be given to another person even though you said that you’re taking it! You know what they say – money speaks louder than words! So make sure you’re going to be served first.

Keep calm and happy hunting!
Looking for some more information? Check this out!

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