Tour the City!

Bus and tourist in front of La ScalaWhat’s the best way to take a tour of a new city? If your best friend doesn’t happen to be an expert on the history, architecture and art in and around Milano, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for learning about and seeing the town. So, if you’re new to the city, or you have friends or family coming to visit, here are just a few ideas!

City Sightseeing Bus Tour
One option for tour seekers is a convenient hop-on, hop-off tour around the city. Just look for he double-decker red buses you see around so many European cities these days (not to mention some non-European cities), which are also available in Milano. Your “tour guide” speaks through recorded bits of info which are played at various times during the trip, explaining your surroundings. Participants just choose the language they prefer and get on and off whenever they want. Each ticket provides access to 2 routes for a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes, which can be used during a 48-hour period. Tickets are €20 per person.
This is a good way get access to some public transportation and have the freedom of getting on and off whenever you want. Check out their website for information on times and routes.

Silhouette and text Urban SafariUrban Safari Tour
The ultimate easy way to discover Milan. Guided tours through Urban Safari Tour will allow you to visit the city with ease, together with a group of people who share the same preferences, on foot wherever possible or on public transport, including underground trains, trams and buses. While on an urban safari, you can discover local customs and traditions, little-known spots, trendy neighborhoods and historical establishments, all of which may be selected from a range of topics: Art, Architecture, Design, Lifestyle, Music, Fashion.
Urban Safari is for the ‘smart traveler’, the discerning tourist, a true urban explorer, who demands quality, innovation and most of all standards of service on par with what other European capitals can offer. The goal is to guide you through our cultural heritage from the perspective of a local. From an off-beat metropolis with an underground culture to a workaday and cosmopolitan city, you will be led on the discovery of a different way of exploring Milan and living out a truly unique experience.
Each itinerary includes a stop by a coffee shop or a local bar for a light lunch or aperitivo.
More information on prices, times and how to book is available on their website.

Restaurant tram at night in front of castle

ATMosfera Tram Restaurant
This isn’t an actual guided tour of the city, but it does give you the opportunity to see different parts of Milano from a unique viewpoint.
Just think: an evening being taken around town in an old-fashioned tram, with well-trained servers balancing trays of delicious Italian food, catching potential spills as the tram changes tracks or jerks over a bumpy section of cobblestone.
This experience doesn’t come cheap, however, and the fixed price menu is €65 per person (including wine). Trams leave from Piazza Castello every evening at 8:00pm. But be sure to make reservations in advance – up to 75 days before the dinner – because the trams are small and fill up fast. If you want a special evening and have some cash, this is a fun option! Info on how to book and pay for a dinner and a ride are available on the ATM website.

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