Have a Great Idea and Business Plan? Apply to the Speed MI Up Incubator!

Reddit, Facebook, Google. Before becoming innovative startups and eventually successful companies, these household names were once just ideas being discussed by college classmates. Campuses around the world are breeding grounds for new business ideas, and leading universities around the world are responding to this trend by setting up business and entrepreneur incubators. And now there’s one right here in Milano!

Speed MI Up is a workshop for companies and professionals that provides training, tutoring and business development to new firms and young professionals. Inidivuals and companies meeting the requirements (see below) can submit their business idea to be considered for participation. The only catch is that candidates will have to set up their strategic headquarters in or around Milan. The incubator’s first competition will accept applications through 29 March, for ideas focusing on either communications or company services. After all applications have been evaluated, five firms and ten professionals will be chosen to particpate.

The incubator is promoted jointly by Università Bocconi, the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the Milan City Council. Participant benefits will include business development services, organizational spaces, a wide range of support, access to funding and internationalization resources.

Drawing depicting business developmentPrerequisites include:

  • an innovative and solid business idea
  • localization of the company either in the City of Milan or the Province of Milan
  • firms need to be newly-created and have an international outlook
  • professionals must under 35 years old and have a college degree

So, if you’d like to join other Bocconi students with innovative startup ideas like Lucia, Federico, Leopoldo and Andrea, Tobia, Giovanni, and Paolo, submit an application!

Get more information on the incubator at these links:
Article published on ViaSarfatti25.eu
Speed MI Up website

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