Cioccolati Italiani

For all you chocolate lovers out there in the city, the name of this place should be enough motivation for a visit. Cioccolati Italiani prides itself to not be just a regular ice cream place or a shop that sells chocolate, but rather a chocolate laboratory. The restaurant goers are not just there to eat dessert, but are also spectators watching the chocolate, pastries and cakes being created in real time through glass windows that look into the kitchens. Their motto is lo facciamo davanti a tutti, which roughly translates to we make it [the chocolate] in front of everyone.

Located in the heart of Milan, just a few minutes walk from the Colonne di San Lorenzo, Cioccolati Italiani is not just trying to sell delicious desserts, but is also trying to promote the culture of chocolate-making and appreciation in Milan. The place has been open for about a year now, and is open seven days a week. If we had one complaint about Cioccolati Italiani, it would probably be that their menu is just too extensive. There is so much choice and variety that it takes you ages to finally settle upon what you want to order.

In this cold, grey Milanese winter, their cioccolata calda is a must-have! Their ice creams may be slightly more expensive than the ones in other gelaterias in Milan, but the portions are larger and the chocolate is much richer, not to mention the fact that the base of the cone is filled with liquid chocolate. The rest of their prices are also reasonable in terms of the quality of food being served. We also recommend you to try any of their cakes or crepes. And for those few of you who dislike all sweets, fear not, they even have a whole range of savory food, which is also quite delicious.

Cioccolati Italiani
Via Edmondo De Amicis, 25
20123 Milano
Tel: 02 89406651

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