Milano’s Very Own Comic Museum

In a country with a rich history in the visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture) and in a city which is especially focused on modern visual art forms such as fashion, design and publishing, it’s no wonder Milano is also the home to a long history of another visual art – that of comics.

The brand-new comic museum is in a cool location, very visible from the street (see picture on the right!), using the old Motta factory which used to make sweets. And with a great name like Wow Spazio Fumetto, how could any comic fan pass up the opportunity to learn about the history of Italian comics?

It all started in 1908 with the publication of Corriere dei Piccoli, Italy’s first newspaper-like comic for children. Gradually other comics were added to the group of works published in Milano, such as Topolino (Mickey Mouse!), Tex Willer, Diabolik, Lupo Alberto and Dylan Dog.

Managed by the Franco Fossati Foundation (sporting the name of an important Italian cartoonist), the museum also focuses on Italian cartoons, comic strips and illustration. So, whenever you’re in the mood for a look at childhood story-telling, or just to see some creative Italian writing and drawing, you know where to go!

Wow Spazio Fumetto
Viale Campania 12 (near Città Studi)
Tel. 039.2915041
Open: Tues-Fri 3-7pm; Sat-Sun 3-8pm
Admission: free

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