Interview with a Bocconi Student

In order to get more Bocconi students involved in MilanoZine, we have decided to start a monthly feature on the website with interviews from international students in Bocconi detailing their experiences in Milan.

PROFILE: Burcu Demiral, 2nd year Master of Science student from Turkey


MZ: How long have you been living in Milan?
I have been living in Milano since September 2009, so since my master has started.

MZ: What were your first impressions of the city?
The first time that I came to Milano was five years ago with my friends for a few days to visit the city. At the time I came, I had no idea that I was going to live here sometime in the future. The first impression of the city is not as other historic Italian cities, that you love it at the first sight. But you start to like it after you spend some time here.

MZ: What do you think about the city now that you have lived here longer?
In general I enjoy living here. It is a bit of a small city that after a while you realize that there aren’t many varied places to go. But still you can find plenty of museums, exhibitions to go. On the other hand, it is a very colorful fashion city that attracts you a lot.

MZ: How easy was it for you to live here without knowing Italian?
At the university it is not a problem, because most of the people speak English. However when you get out of the university funny part of life starts. I came here without knowing any Italian. And although I didn’t have much enthusiasm to learn at the beginning, but since I came for two years, I realized that I should learn it, so that I started having Italian classes. In the meanwhile I pretty much improved my skills to describe the stuff to a non English speaker.

MZ: Why did you choose to study in Italy?
Actually at the beginning of my search for master programs, I was more focused on going to England. And I wasn’t really thinking about Italy. Then during my search period I found out about Bocconi University, and started to think that it can be also a very good idea to live in Italy. Mainly because of its culture, people, etc.

MZ: Describe your experiences studying at Bocconi University?
First of all the workload of the course is quite higher than my bachelor. We have done so many group projects and class presentations so far. It is a very competitive university, which itself makes you ambitious.

MZ: Is Bocconi an international university?
Bocconi tries to be an international university but it is still lack of at some points. In my opinion one of its main boundaries is the language. Since it has master programs in English, and that it doesn’t ask for a pre Italian knowledge, all the sub services of the university should be held in English as well. For example In-company trainings or most of the seminars are done in Italian, which are very key points while you are studying at university.

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