Miss and Mister International Bocconi 2010

Spring and sunny weather are here and we all feel lot more energetic and happier! MilanoZine wanted to take advantage of such a mood and organized a “Miss and Mister International Bocconi 2010” competition!!! It was advertised on our Facebook page and we were pleased with the over 20 interested applicants! However, after a careful consideration of all of them, we choose our two pretty cool finalists!
We are proud to announce the winners of this competition, Miss Inga Bakuridze and Mister Marin Cojocaru! MilanoZine had a quick chat with them about what is their experience of living in Milan like and what are they favorite things about this city.
Have a look, even though you may be familiar with most of the places they mention you may also discover new and interesting hot spots for international students in Milan!

Inga Bakuridze – Miss International Bocconi 2010 (Graduate student at Bocconi, from Georgia)

“I have been living in Milan for a few years now and been making the greatest lifetime memories of student life. The Italian lifestyle is very easy to get used to but most of all what I like in this city is its ability to offer an international environment full of fun and entertainment.
The evening is the best part of my day since I go out with my friends for an aperitivo or just for a drink. My favorite places are: Slice, Refeel, B4, Yguana, Fashion Café, Shu etc. My favorite restaurants are: Big Pizza (for pizza of course), Seven (for some good, meat steak), Oscar (very tasty and a big amount of pasta) and Papas and Beer (great Mexican food).
We go pretty often to the Naviglio for a drink and my favorite clubs are: ‘Just Cavalli’, ‘Old Fashion’, ‘Bobino’, ‘Le Banque’, ‘Karma’, ‘The Club’. During the winter it’s always nice to go for ice-skating with friends and to the movies but I prefer the spring time, because the city is more alive and you can go in the park, sit outside in the bar or visit the swimming pool when it gets hotter and, most importantly, people seem happier!
On Sundays I meet up with my friends for brunch in Californian Bakery to eat delicious bagels and pancakes after the wild Saturday clubbing night. Oh, and of course as most Bocconi students know, there is no perfect lunch break during the week without stopping for lunch or for a coffee at Taxi Blues around the corner of Bocconi 🙂
I think living in a different country away from your home is not easy, so seeing a lot of international students like me and hanging out with them makes me feel so culturally diverse but at the same time it also makes me feel more at home.

Hope you all are having a great time in Milan, enjoying the best period of your life because this city has a lot to offer and you should definitely take advantage of it!!!”

Marin Cojocaru – Mister International Bocconi 2010 (second year student of Bachelor in International Economics and Management at Bocconi, from Moldova)

“I came to Italy in search of new life experiences and also to get a degree in economics at one of Europe’s top universities. What I like most about Milan is that it is a living city, there are always things to be seen and to be done, the perfect city for student life.

There are some MUST SEE places, if you stay in Milan you have to go there; Duomo di Milano, Castello Sforzesco, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper at the S.ta Maria delle Grazie, Teatro alla Scala and San Siro stadium.

When you get tired of touring around Milan and want to spoil yourself with some delicious Italian food, I suggest you to go to “Wish”, a lounge restaurant located near Parco Sempione. A very friendly and relaxing ambiance, best for spending some quality time with friends while enjoying a good meal. For a special occasion you can go to “Piccolo Sogno”, but I warn you the prices are not consumer friendly.

If you are more in the mood to chat and meet new people, well there is no better place than zona Navigli. You can find there a variety of bars, cocktail bars, pubs etc. After an aperitivo I would suggest you to take your friends and go to “The Club”disco. It’s not too big nor too small, just perfect, full of beautiful people, and the DJ is really good, and every night there is a different “serata”. Also it is known to be the disco were famous people go when they come to Milan. In May all of “The Club” moves to “The Beach”, an open air disco, an amazing experience.

If you are tired of pubs and discos, visit Bowling Corvetto. You will have fun even if don’t know how to bowl because the place is totally awesome, the music and the lights will put you in the right mood.”

Finally, MilanoZine would like to thank our Miss and Mister International Bocconi 2010 once again on their great presentation!

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